Sunday night overthinking+insomnia strikes again. Trying to avoid thoughts in my head the way I’ve been avoiding a conversation I need to have.

Typing usually helps with getting me to fall asleep. I’m sure I’ve posted that numerous times around the Internet and said it numerous times to people. I’m not sure if it’s the physical act of typing or if it’s the release of thoughts from my head. It’s most likely a little of column A and a little of column B, as most things in life are.

I just want to sleep dammit. My alarm is set to go off in 5 hours. Some rest for the coming work week would be nice. I spent today (Sunday, even if I’m typing this past midnight) recovering from yesterday and now that recovery is contributing to not being able to sleep now. Saturday wasn’t that demanding physically but a haircut and drinking+socializing was taxing on my introverted brain.

I think that’s enough mental vomit for now. Good night

18/18. duh

that's what's up


limited music choice for the gym today. ugh stupid emotions and things and shit

here we go, yo

running through scenarios in my head. i don’t think any of them have an ending she’ll like.


"Our biggest problems arise from the avoidance of smaller ones." - Jeremy Caulfield

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can’t stop laughing because someone linked a dashboard confessional song on my fb feed.

"my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill meeeeeeeeee"

which just reminds me of my dream last night which was trying to make me feel feelings

you got me

things fall apart. intentions shatter.


don’t mind me. just remembered that tumblr exists while listening to the roots.